#1 Let’s inspire you: The Holy week in Sardinia

#1 Let’s inspire you

The Holy Week in Sardinia

During this turbulent time, the COVID-19 crisis is affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across the globe. The last few months have been unprecedented, and our greatest concern is for the safety and security of all of us. We, at Your Sardinia Experience, believe that health comes first, and it is fundamental we support all our doctors and nurses since unity and compassion are the keys to fight this virus!

At the moment, holidays in Sardinia are not possible, and we had to stop moving for the moment, but it does not mean we cannot think about travelling and dreaming about the next destination and adventure! We can’t wait to see you again and visit together the outstanding and mysterious Sardinia with our hiking in the wild nature, and our experiential tours to discover the culture and enogastronomic traditions of the island. Our team will be ready to welcome you back, and we will continue to provide you with an unforgettable and authentic experience as only Your Sardinia Experience can do.

Unfortunately, several events have been cancelled, postponed and modified due to the COVID-19, included the evocative processions and traditional rites that characterised the Holy Week in Sardinia. During the Easter period, the celebrations of the Holy Week organised by the local Confraternities, take place all over the island and they are very different compared to the rest of Italy. They represent one of the main events for the local communities and in some towns, like Iglesias and Castelsardo, they become even more suggestive, and it is like taking a journey into the past. Archaic rites, evocative processions full of traditions and mystery, ancient symbolism along with the local specialities, are the perfect ingredients to create an intense religious atmosphere.

This year Easter will be celebrated differently; however, we can’t wait to invite you next year and experience with us the Holy Week and other events around Sardinia! We all look forward to welcoming you back to discover the cultural heritage of this unique island of the Mediterranean Sea.

[… date back to the Middle Ages, when the Benedictine monks managed the religious, social and cultural life of the communities that lived around Casteldoria and Tergu.
The celebrations are organized by members of the Oratorio di Santa Croce Confraternity. They begin on the Monday after Palm Sunday with Lu Lunissanti, one of the oldest religious rituals in Sardinia, which comprises the celebration, at dawn, of Mass at the altar of the Criltu nieddu or Black Christ in the chapel of Santa Maria Church. At sunset, when all the lights are turned off, the Notti Santa or holy night begins. The procession of the Mysteries, led by the Apostles and accompanied by choirs singing centuries-old songs, pass through the narrow streets in the old town, which are illuminated by torches and oil lamps carried by members of the male and female confraternities. The early Maundy Thursday features the procession symbolizing the meeting between Our Lady of Sorrows and the moribund Christ – whose wooden statues date to the 1300s – accompanied by two choirs of the Santa Croce Confraternity, which chant the Miserere, and Stabat Mater. On Good Friday, the rituals conclude with the Descent from the Cross and the burial of Christ ceremonies].

In the meantime, stay safe and let us inspire you from home!

See you soon!

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