About us

The overall rationale for Your Sardinia Experience is based upon our:
unquestioned love for Sardinia; continuous study of its history; sense of duty to wards preserving its natural and cultural beauty, as well as its centuries-old traditions; love for travelling and spreading cultural awareness.
For all these reasons, we strive hard to offer a unique and unforgestable Sardinia experience, tailoring our tours to fit your passions and needs.



Francesco Manca

Hi, my name is Francesco,

and I’m a Tour-Guide & Hiking-Guide, owner of Your Sardinia Experience, a company founded in 2014.

Working in tourism has always been my dream since I was a child, matured thanks to the passion of my parents who allowed me to travel far and wide among the most beautiful destinations in Europe by car and camping.

[In our life and at work one must never lose humility and ambition, whatever the role covered within a project].

Born in 1984, after studying at the University of Cagliari, culminating with a degree in Cultural Tourism Operator, I started working in the tourism sector as a hotel-receptionist before undertaking training courses in the field of Tourism and Entrepreneurship. After various experiences abroad including a study-trip in Spain (Andalusia), a period at the ECS Tourism School in Edinburgh (Scotland), collaborations with companies working in the Yosemite US park and participation in a master of tourism-system in San Francisco, California and a short period in training with the guides for the IncaTrail in Peru; I’m leading the company with which I currently share most of my life.

For about three years I have been promoting a project with many colleagues and with my family, called “The Family Experience”; a day to spend in the small village where I was born, together with local artisans and Old people, remembering old traditions and participating in Cooking classes, laboratories and interviews related to the theme of food and longevity.

Two of the projects carried out in recent years are: the private tour for couples of the city of Cagliari with the old car Fiat500L of 1972 and the Wine Experience, which consist in the action of visiting the vineyards and wine cellars of Sardinia, currently one of the best-sellers on TripAdvisor.


I’m a licensed Tour Guide of the Government of Sardinia (GT RAS 1554) and Hiking Guide of the AIGAE (SA 440), an Italian association for environmental hiking guides recognized by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) and a member of ONAV, the national organization of Wine taster since 2015.


Davide Tolu

Hi! I’m Davide and I am a based in Sardinia. 

The passion for the outdoor life was born when I was a child, and now it becomes something more. A strong connection with my home country grew up in me day by day.

I was willing to rediscover my roots, the history of my island and its culture. 

That bond deeply influenced me, even when, as it happens to so many of us, I was tempted by the idea of moving abroad in search of my own path. While I was working for a telecommunication company, I decided to radically change my life.  

The strong bond that has always kept me connected to my island prompted me to transform my greatest passion in my new job; thus, I became a Professional Nature Walk and Outdoor guide. 

Because as someone said: “life is too short to waste it in fulfilling the dreams of others”.

Today, working as a Professional Nature Walk and Outdoor Guide, I’m a part of this Team which organizes hikes and treks all over the Island.

I’m currently studying Natural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Cagliari, with the aim of improving my knowledge about nature and environment to share it with you and let you live an experience that you will never forget!


Since 2017 I’m a member of AIGAE, Italian Association of Nature, Walking and Interpretive Guides that is officially recognized by the MISE Italian Ministry of Economy and has over 3000 members including Nature Guides, Hiking Guides and Interpretive Guides.


Elisa Mameli

Hi! My name is Elisa and I’m the Brand Ambassador of Your Sardinia Experience, a company that organizes hikes and treks all over the Island. I was born in Cagliari in 1995 and I live in a village in the hinterland of Cagliari famous for its ceramic traditions. 

I define myself as a “born explorer” and due to my keen interest in foreign languages and my strong bond with my island, I developed a strong passion for travel and tourism since I was 15 years old. If I have to choose a quote that represents me, I will pick this one: 

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” (Mark Twain). 

After my graduation at the University of Cagliari in Economics and Management of Tourism Services and worked as a hotel receptionist, I decided to attend a master’s degree in Strategic Tourism Management and Marketing at the University of Surrey in the UK. This great experience allows me to improve my skills and knowledge and meet students and academics from various part of the world who helped me to expand my horizons. 

I’m in the early stages of my working career, but I’m very determined to pursue a career in the tourism sector and make known the beauty of Sardinia to people from different part of the world.

I visited several countries in Europe, and my biggest dream is to travel as often as possible to discover new cultures and create memorable experiences. When I travel, I always like to try new food and drinks to understand and admire the traditional culture of the destination and take pictures of breath-taking landscapes. 


Francesca Montisci


Hi, I’m Franzisca, tour and hiking guide of the team.

Born on the mountains deeply linked with my Sardinian roots, I am a traveler, a polyglot who loves the world.
Since the age of 9 I lived and studied languages among Sardinia, Aosta Valley and France, completing my bachelor’s degree in tourism and marketing in Lyon, France. While studying I’ve lived and worked in Spain, Switzerland, France, New Zealand and Russia. Always trying to improve my languages and to get the best professional parts, than I decided to change my life going back to my roots.

While travelling I discovered how much I love Sardinia, its uniqueness, its history and its particular temper. I also discovered the needs of people like me, exploring another land.
Recently I focused my work to create new authentic experiences to offer you the best from your staying on the island. One of them is “Beekeeper for a day” page5image1784128, in which the collaboration with my family company Apidoria is essential in order to make your day unique.

I guide week tours, treks, kayak and day tours for Your Sardinia Experience, with both cars. I am ready to go with you during your next adventure in Sardinia!
I’m a licensed Tour Guide of the Government of Sardinia (GT RAS 2481) and Hiking Guide of the AIGAE an Italian association for environmental hiking guides recognized by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) .


Vittoria Murgia

Hello, my name is Vittoria, and I am a workaholic ex-teacher!
I was born in Orgosolo in 1953 and I travelled Europe by car and camping-car. I love Greece, Spain, France and the entire ex-Czechoslovakia. During my years working as a teacher, I went with my students all around the Europeans capitals. Now I am responsible for all bread, pasta and traditional sweets classes during the family experiences or gastronomical festivals in Barbagia.

Being really curious I love looking for old recipes and creating my owns from traditional dishes. Something that I prefer overall is to prepare little ravioli (stuffed pasta) with potatoes and chestnuts, but I never forget how to prepare “Su Pane Frattau” typical of my birthplace.
I wait for you in my kitchen experiences, in order to spend wonderful days together.


Stefano Manca

Hi! I’m Steno,

chemical engineer and competent manpower for Your Sardinia Experience.
Born in 1989, I am today an expert bread-making following the traditions from Aritzo and Orgosolo, handcraft beer brewer since 2008, and myrtle, jam and other delicatessen producer. Driver and mechanic for all the Your Sardinia Experience means of transport, and drone pilot of Dv Mavix.

You’ll found me in different tours doing one of those things.